Allgemeine Geschäftsbedingungen

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General trading conditions of Inkasso4you GmbH


  1. Inkasso4you GmbH takes over undisputed and due demands to the collection out of court, as well as orders for monitoring and dubious collection exclusive using the general trading conditions. In case of the judicial operation Inkasso4you GmbH advises an attorney. The articels stated into this General trading conditions are valid also for future order transfers. Inkasso4you GmbH can reject the assumption or the further treatment of an order.

  2. The clients of Inkasso4you GmbH declare that they comply with the respectively valid data protection regulations and that they have obtained the consent of their customers to process their data, so that nothing stand in the way of processing the data for the purpose of debt collection by Inkasso4you GmbH.

  3. Detailed funds are accounted for immediately and transferred to the client. Inkasso4you GmbH has the right to cover first the costs and displays of the performed payments. The client surrenders the interest to Inkasso4you GmbH. Payments made by the debtor directly to the client, as well as agreements that the clien makes directly with the debtor must be reported immediately in writing to Inkasso4you GmbH. In the case of late or culpably omitted payment notification the client is liable for the resulting costs.

  4. The debt collecting agency clings only with resolution and rough negligence also opposite its legal representatives and leading employees. The monitoring of the periods of limitation is not the subject of the achievements of the debt collecting agency. With endangered demands the client has to refer from there separately to the periods of limitation, otherwise one each liability is impossible. For the lucrativeness of the handed over demands Inkasso4you GmbH does not take over liability.

  5. Inkasso4you GmbH has requirement on the collection of a success commission. Even if the demand is fulfilled otherwise, e.g. by accounting of counterclaims or contributions of equipment. The height of the success commission which can be computed arranges itself after the, between the parties, agreed conditions. In the absence of an expressed agreement, the regulations for collection agencies and remuneration-rates in accordance with the federal law gazette No. 141/1996 in the valid in each case version are valid.

  6. The client is obligated to do everything and omit nothing, in order to make completely lucrative the Inkasso4you GmbH for being entitled remuneration in accordance with the federal law gazette No. 141/1996 in the valid in each case version. In particular no deductions on the fees specified before are granted or promised to the debtor and for the case of a judicial asserting of the demand, the fees from the title of the payment of damages are made valid opposite the debtor. The client explains itself in agreement that after payment of the principal debt, the judicial operation of the collection costs and interest can be introduced opposite the debtor on risk by Inkasso4you GmbH. For the case of the omission of this obligation the client of Inkasso4you GmbH has to replace all fees after accounting, this regardless of the fact whether the fees would have made lucrative with the debtor or not.

  7. In the case of order stop by the client, the debt collecting agency is justified, to charge part of the remuneration of its past achievements appropriate. In order to avoid payment overlaps, a free cancellation period is granted by 3 working-days for the client, starting from delivery of the case of collection. In the case of unsuccessful completion of the case of collection a negative lump sum is charged for. The height of the negative lump sum which can be computed, depends on the conditions agreed upon between the parties. In the absence of an expressed agreement, the sentences specified in the condition list are valid.

  8. All orders for collection are transferred by the debt collecting agency to the data processing. The client explains with the delivery of the order to collect expressly to have a justified interest in the processing of the data. It is with it in agreement that the Inkasso4you GmbH processes all data in the context of the purpose of the contractual relation, however considering the data protection act in the valid in each case version.

  9. Special agreements and additions to these trading conditions require writing to their effectiveness. With delivery of the order to collect, the client recognizes the exclusive validity of these general trading conditions on under exclusion of the own trading conditions. These are valid thus for all future business relations, even if they are not again expressly agreed upon. The inefficacy of individual regulations from the present Treaty does not affect the effectiveness of the remaining contractual clauses, regardless of its whether the regulation becomes later ineffective with conclusion of a contract or however. In this case the parties will however strive to replace the ineffective regulation by an effective, which comes close to the ineffective in legal and economic regard if possible.

  10. Documents are destroyed at expiration of the legal periods for safekeeping.

  11. Between the parties of the contractual relation is valid excluding Austrian right. As place of delivery and area of jurisdiction for all obligations from this contractual relation Korneuburg is considered.