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Welcome at Inkasso4you

„Inkasso4you GmbH“ is a debt collection agency, which offers debt recovery out of court and the judicial demands of debt in Austria and abroad.

Expertise and the good „wire“ to the debtor are our recipe for success. We go actively toward the debtor and try to find, for both sides, satisfying solution.

Our employees set their specialized knowledge and the necessary intuitive feeling with the recovery of your demands, in order to increase the payment moral of your business partners and to improve thus your business relations.

To be able to act world-wide in this range successfully, it requires beside various foreign languages also the knowledge of legal regulations in the different countries. A well organized „partner net“ is inevitable from there!

We cooperate with established and successful partners all over the world, in order to recover your demands efficiently and rapidly.

With us, you pay no membership dues and have no contractual obligations.

Only our success should be decisive for a further business relation.

If required, we gladly create special - on your requirements adapted - tariffs. We are anxious to offer suitable conditions for every of our customers to start in a good and successful co-operation.

We would be pleased, if you give us your confidence and go into a successful future together with „Inkasso4you“.

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